handle-bean-headAbout The Rustic Merchant

Our experienced team have renovated many period properties.  Vintage door fittings and antique handles from reclamation yards can be hard to find and impossible to source in bulk. Our vision in setting up The Rustic Merchant was to provide excellent quality, hand forged products at affordable prices, to make your renovation project a success.

We have renovated many period properties, which has always been our passion.  Sometimes it is like trying to tame a monster in the respect that at the start of a new project the house produces many problems.  Every time you go to do some work there is always something unexpected to be found that makes what should be a straight forward job into a mammoth task.  That being said, eventually you do tame the monster and everything starts to fall into place.  This is where the next challenge comes in.  Everything is now ready for the final finish such as hanging doors, installing shutters, putting up coat racks and hooks to sorting out the window fittings.  So starts the laborious task of looking around salvage and reclamation yards, etc to try and match the existing fittings you have.  This always proves to be a very time consuming and mostly fruitless exercise.   This was when idea of The Rustic Merchant was conceived.


We have spent many years at The Rustic Merchant sourcing excellent blacksmiths to make our wrought iron work.  We needed to find skilled craftspeople who could not only make, but also understand, traditional ironmongery, with the ability to produce the styles and quality that we required.  All our wrought iron products are traditionally made on the anvil by skilled blacksmiths.  The designs are copies of authentic, traditional wrought iron products, which we are proud to share with you.


At The Rustic Merchant, we have spent a long time sourcing small foundries that can cast our products.  Again, we did not want mass production.  All the castings are hand cast, meaning each individual product is hand finished.  We have again used original handles and knobs and had them reproduced.


High Quality Affordable Vintage Ironmongery

We are constantly expanding our range of door handles, hooks, and hinges.  If there is something in particular you are looking for, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

We have an expansive range of hand forged, cast iron cabinet knobs to suit every taste and also supply black wrought iron handles, latches and window fittings.  Our carefully aged vintage ironmongery will give your project an authentic finishing touch.

We are very proud of our products, so if you are looking for original hand cast and forged products, please have a look around our store.