Door Latches 

A door latch, or door latches, can be defined as usually a metal device that holds a door shut which consists of a bar indexing into a holder that fits the bar so there is no movement in the door, More rustic variants are built to less specific tolerances but modern iterations are almost exact, giving you a good lock up of the latch.

At the Rustic Merchant we have a huge selection of rustic, vintage, authentic and antique looking door latches suitable for interior or exterior fitting.

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Here we explain the different types of latches available:

Gate Latch

Latches for gates are usually smaller in profile but also differ from design to design. You usually see them on garden gates which lock one wooden piece to another, giving a solid locking interface rather than using rope to loosely hold the gate shut.

Stainless Steel Latches

Since factory line manufacturing has been a key staple of mass production, for a lot of the manufacturing processes you would see with traditional blacksmithing or forging have been taken away you see many different material introduced like stainless steel. These can give you benefits like non-corrosion since stainless steel is finished to a much less porous finish than other metals.

Latch Hardware

Of course with any latch, depending on the material of the surface you are fitting the latch onto, you will have to use hardware in the sense of nuts and bolts to fix the latch onto the door or gate you are wanting to install.

Rustic Latch 

A rustic latch can be defined as a normal latch in the regard of function, but the appearance is difference because of the finish that has been put on it, or the way it has been manufactured. A forged latch is rustic as it’s going to have natural imperfections, which is the attraction with rustic furnishings.

Traditional Latch

The traditional latch also differs itself by it’s appearance as traditional latches are going to replicate a era specific design that is going to be appropriate for a certain building type. If you are opting to keep a older aesthetic in say a grade listed building then opting for traditional furnishings like a traditional latch is ideal.

Hand Forged Latch

A hand forged latch is exactly that, a latch that has been fabricated using traditional forging techniques which will give the latch a rural aesthetic that is associated with a more traditional design.

Suffolk Latch

A Suffolk latch is usually the normal form of latch used to shut garden gates through two straight bars that meet at a ninety-degree angle where one lifts up the other, unlatching it from the holder letting you open the door. This is all held through a swivel mount that is mounted to the gate. A hole/space is removed from the gate so the thumb stud from the latch can be tilted above to lift the locking latch. These can take on many aesthetics as you might have stamped version or a forged version made by hand.

Cupboard Latch

Cupboard latches tend to be smaller in profile as they are meant for interior use, either on a cupboard or for fixing things shut like chests that open with doors rather than a lid. Because of the smaller profile there is also potential to use these for gate latches depending on the size and look you are going for.

THinges/ Tee hinges 

If you are changing the latch on your door you may want to keep all of the fittings looking similar and of a similar age by also replacing the hinges. The most popular rustic hinges is the “T-hinge” or “Tee Hinges”.

Tee Hinge Arrowhead 6" (pair)A tee hinge is a type of hardware used to hang doors, fences, and cabinet doors. It features a design that is a combination between a standard butt hinge and the strap hinges using on gates. One leaf of the hinge features a square or rectangular shape, while the other leaf is typically quite long and narrow.

The T-hinge or tee-hinge, as the name suggests, is shaped like the letter T. The horizontal part of the T goes on the door frame, while the vertical part is screwed to the door.

This hinge is flush mounted-not recessed into the door and you’d use the plain kind where you care more about function than about good looks. T-hinges are commonly used on garage doors, to hinge chest lids, and for other utility jobs. Ornamental T-hinges are also available.

We have a huge selection of T hinges, the type of t-hinge that is common with exterior furnishings like gates and fencing as these are display more ornamental qualities than a standard two face hinge. The T side of the hinge called a leaf is much longer than the other mounting face. We have a number of different styles of t-hinges available with free delivery available in the UK.