Bring the Beauty of Wrought Iron into Your Home

The art of making wrought iron goes back thousands of years but from the 1500’s onwards it became ever more popular as a decorative addition to doors and windows in particular. Evoking images of beautiful Baroque railings, Victorian gazebos and Tudor candelabras, using authentic wrought iron fittings in your home creates a timeless atmosphere.

Genuine wrought iron is increasingly difficult to come by as the manufacturing process is labour intensive and therefore costly. Historically, a craftsman would have had to hold the white hot metal with blacksmith’s tongs and work it under a steam hammer. As modern materials such as steel became ever more available at lower prices over the last century, less and less wrought iron was manufactured resulting in wrought iron costing nearly twice as much as steel to produce. Far from being ubiquitous in this day and age, using wrought iron accessories in your home gives a unique and characterful finish.

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Many people love the idea of having something handcrafted in their homes; the image of the blacksmith hammering wrought iron on an anvil with a roaring coal forge in the background is a romantic one but wrought iron also has many technical advantages over cast iron or other modern materials. The addition of glasslike iron silicate during the founding process gives the material an exceptional dough like consistency when heated. The fibres within the metal help to absorb stresses placed on it in the production process and mean it is more lightweight and can take on the decorative curves and twists that make wrought iron accessories so aesthetically appealing. The added silicate also helps to protect against corrosion and wrought iron can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it ideally suited to external door and window fittings where a decorative finish has to be balanced against durability.

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