Which type of hinge is best for my project?

There is a bewildering array of different hinges available online, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand the features and benefits of each type. We hope our handy guide will be useful in directing you to the best hinge for your project.

There are two main considerations when selecting a hinge: what sort of weight will it be supporting and does it need to be decorative or just functional? Modern hinges are usually more functional than decorative but at The Rustic Merchant we supply quality hand forged hinges at affordable prices to give your project an authentic rustic look.

L Hinges

L Hinges are also known as Holy Lord hinges and are often seen on churches. They were made popular in the 17th and 18th century and give a fabulous historical touch to any door or cabinet where you don’t want anything over elaborate.

L hinges in particular spread the load over the door or cupboard so are suitable for more heavy duty applications.


H Hinges  

Our black cast iron H hinges are suitable for most door and cabinet projects, although for heavier doors an L hinge will bear more load. The exposed iron work that shows on the frame and the door gives an authentic finish when using these hinges.


T Hinges

The Rustic Merchant’s decorative wrought iron T hinges are modelled on original 17th century designs. The fleur de lys head hinge provides a more elaborate finish although we also have more simple traditional penny end and arrow head designs in a wide range of sizes. The decorative sections of our T hinges are exposed across the front of the door and are hand wrought in traditional black iron. T hinges are also great for trunk lids and toy boxes.


Strap Hinges

Strap hinges are one of the earliest form of hinge, pre dating H hinges, and are used for particularly heavy duty applications such as gates and heavy doors. They are less elaborate than T Hinges and often used externally. To improve security when fitting a strap hinge make sure to use coach bolts rather than screws as the external fixings are exposed when installed.


Butterfly Hinges

Butterfly hinges were particularly popular from 1670 until the 18th century when using decorative metalwork in your home was a signifier of wealth and status. Our classic butterfly hinge in black cast iron is suitable for smaller projects with less load to bear, but where an attractive design for a visible hinge is desirable.


Hinge Fronts

Of course in many modern projects decorative ironmongery is required but doesn’t need to be functional. Our wide range of dummy hinge fronts in varying sizes and designs means you can add an authentic historical touch to your home without having to re-hang your doors or replace existing hinges.