Feature Hooks to Enhance Your Kitchen

Our hand made cast iron hooks are a great way to combine decoration and utility in your kitchen, hall way or dining room.

Unique Storage Solutions

Hanging pots and pans or utensils in your kitchen allows you to save on cupboard space while making sure everything you need is close to hand. Use a simple antique bean hook to keep things neat and tidy. Mounted onto timber these hooks give a kitchen effortless rustic charm. Each hook is hand made with a black oiled finish and unique variations from the forging process mean no two are ever exactly  identical, making your kitchen as individual as you are.

Little Hooks for Little People

School bags and PE kit doesn’t have to be constantly under your feet. Why not try setting coat hooks at a low level so your children can easily hang up their coats and bags when they come bundling in from school? This beautiful feature in Rachel’s kitchen is an inspired use of space. Black vintage coat hooks give a double hanging space on the Georgian style panelling and we think Rachel’s choice of sturdy hooks looks great with the black framed butterfly pictures above.


Antique Display Hooks

Displaying and hanging antiques and treasures is one of the pleasures of home decoration, but choosing the right hook for the job is important. Mass produced hooks from high street stores can look cheap and detract from the vintage atmosphere you want to create.

This copper warming pan has been hung using one of our small cast iron coat hooks, rather than just from a brass picture hook or nail. The simple curves of the coat hook complement the antique pan and helps to make a real feature of this family heirloom.