Door Handle Buying Guide

The term door handle can be used to cover a myriad of different products all with slightly different functions. Here is your Rustic Merchant Guide to what’s what:

Door Knobs or Lever handles?

The traditional door knob is compact, solid and functional. As a mechanism the door knob has been around longer than lever handles, so in older properties in particular it is often useful to use antique styled black door knobs to retain period charm. The door knob can also be turned in either direction to open the door.

Door lever handles on the other hand give a much easier surface to grip and operate, especially for children, the elderly or people with full hands. We have a great range of lever door handles, from ornate fleur de lys designs to simple black iron tudor handles, and on rectangular as well as circular roses.

Remember, if you are fitting an internal door handle to a lockable room such as a bathroom, you may want to ensure the back plate includes a key hole. Alternatively see our collection of rustic slide bolts if you prefer to bolt your door from the inside.

Using Latches on Internal Doors

For a truly rustic country cottage feel to your home, try using one of our wrought iron thumb latches. The decorative arm on one side has a small thumb pad which when pressed will raise the latch on the other side of the door.

Pull Handles and Dummy Knobs

If you don’t need a working latch or lever mechanism, consider a pull handle or a dummy knob. Our antique black pull handle range has includes many unique and distinctive hand crafted designs in wrought iron. These types of handle are particularly suited to internal doors that close with a magnet or weighted hinge such as a cupboard door, or even a front door where a yale lock may be the actual functioning locking mechanism but you would like to add some character.