Mix and Match Cup Handles and Cabinet Knobs

When designing your kitchen it’s easy to put all the focus on the layout and the cupboard doors, with choice of door handles sometimes an afterthought amongst all the chaos of fitting your new kitchen. Many people choose a single style of cupboard handle or door knob and leave it at that, but to maximise the impact of your individual style why not try mixing and matching a select range of pull handles and knobs?

This classic example from John Lewis uses three different styles of handle: a pull handle on the fridge freezer which is easy to apply larger amounts of force to for heavy doors; knobs on the cupboard units and classic pull handles on the drawers for a really traditional look.

Often just pairing two different styles will be sufficient though – especially if you are using ornate or distinctive knobs and handles such as our cast iron drawer pull or a floral cabinet knob.

To whet your appetite for making a statement with your kitchen cabinet handles and knobs, we have put together a small gallery of our suggested pairings. If you have your own ideas in mind take a look at our range of over 40 different hand cast black knobs, as well as our ranges of antique cast iron drawer pulls and traditional wrought iron pull handles suitable for both drawers and doors.

Hand forged iron handles and knobs for doors and drawers

For a soft look we have put together a black cast iron drawer pull with subtle shell ridges, with a very plain traditional oval knob and base plate, plus a simple but elegant bean head handle, all made by hand, all with a traditional black finish.


For a slightly sturdier look we have paired this celtic cross design cast iron knob with a square cup drawer pull, and a D handle. In black cast iron these handles create a striking feature for your kitchen.


We love our new twisted wrought iron pull handles with arrow head ends. We have matched them with a traditional Georgian lion head, more usually found on front door knockers but here cast in solid iron for a quirky touch to your kitchen. Finally we suggest a plain but smooth and rounded cast iron drawer pull – this helps the lion head knobs stand out as a feature, and compliments the smooth curves of the twisted wrought iron handle.

Whatever the style of your kitchen we are bound to have a handle, pull or knob to tickle your fancy – if you don’t, we always welcome feedback and suggestions so why not get in touch?