Antique Black Door Furniture For a Cosy Look

Dark, dreary December – time for curling up in front of your log fire and enjoying cosy evenings indoors while we wait for Christmas to blast into our living rooms!

Creating a cosy cottage feel means bringing together lots of traditional crafts and elements to create an authentic atmosphere. Muted colours and floral soft furnishings, along with natural materials such as wood and stone all create a soft, warm environment inviting us to stay in out of the cold. Along side wood and stone, hand crafted black door furniture adds to an authentic, traditional look for the home.

Hand crafted fittings for timber doors

If you have timber doors you can use decorative black hinges in place of modern steel or brass ball bearing hinges. See our handy guide for how to hang a door using traditional T or strap hinges. We also supply black L and H hinges which come with matching fixings. If you don’t want to rehang your door, you can achieve a cosy cottage effect by fixing strap hinge fronts to the panel of your door. These give the impression of traditional T hinges and come in a wide range of sizes and styles.

In terms of security, our range of privacy latches come in sizes from 2 to 6 inches. These are suitable for doors or cupboards and are most frequently used for bathroom doors. We also stock plain or rat tail sliding bolts. The ornamental curled rat tail on the black slide bolt shown below makes this one of our most popular products.

Our black door handles come in all sorts of different styles and with different functions. From external door knobs and lever handles, to black metal pull handles with ornamental ends as well as suffolk and thumb latches, we ensure the highest quality fixings and fittings so that your cosy cottage hardware will exceed your expectations. If you have any questions about our products our knowledgeable team will be happy to help – just get in touch with us!

International Delivery

We design and hand make all our wrought and cast iron door fittings to ensure you get a completely unique piece of handicraft. All our products are held in stock in the UK and we ship internationally to Europe, the USA and as far away as New Zealand.