Rules For Listed Building Alterations

Listed buildings can take a lot of maintenance. Original fixtures and fittings may be in need of repair or alteration and it can be daunting to take on the task of refurbishing such a period property while still staying on the right side of the law. Altering or extending a listed building in a way that affects its character or appearance as a building of special architectural or historic interest will require input from the local planning authority. Be careful not to undertake work without the appropriate consent as not only is that a criminal offence, but without the correct paperwork you may have trouble selling the property on.


Do I Need Listed Building Consent?

Major repairs and renovations to a listed building require listed building consent, which the local planning authority can grant following the submission of your application. Work which changes the internal or external appearance will usually required such consent, and your local planning officer can advise on matters specific to your property.

A good way to make sure you stay within planning regulations without going through a lengthy application process is to replace like for like where possible. The Rustic Merchant’s mission from the outset has always been to supply excellent quality hand made wrought iron hardware at affordable prices. Trawling reclamation yards and antique shops can be a costly and time consuming way to source vintage ironmongery suitable for period homes, and of course finding matching hooks or door furniture from those sources can be nearly impossible.

Our ranges of co-ordinated door hinges, latches and handles mean you can rely on being able to affordably refurbish a listed building with matching handles and hinges on a like for like basis, avoiding the risk of having to retrospectively apply for listed building consent. Our period window fittings are also ideal for preserving the look and feel of windows in a listed building where windows have to be replaced due to rot or weathering. We have extensive experience of working with building contractors and know that being able to rely on the right products turning up at the right time is essential when working on renovation projects, so our products are all shipped from stock in the UK and will usually be with you 2-3 days from the date of order.