Antique Window Handles

Period window fittings are a great way to add interest to a room while maintaining the character of the property it is in. Adding modern stainless steel or aluminium catches and latches to your timber framed windows can stand out like a sore thumb, and finding matching replacement window stays and latches can be difficult. The Rustic Merchant stock a selection of black vintage window hardware, all hand made in high quality cast or wrought iron.

Different Types of Window Latches

Window latches for timber windows usually involve a latch and a catch.  The latch, or handle part locks into the catch  to form a brace between the window frame and the frame of the opening pane. All our window latches come with fixings for either a mortice catch or a keeper catch, sometimes referred to as a hook catch, and all with matching fixing screws. The mortice catch means the latch slots into a hole in the window frame. Alternatively the keeper catch can be mounted onto the surface of the frame, and the latch will simply slot into it. This means that the keeper catch is particularly suited to flush framed windows, while the mortice catch is more often used on windows where a weather seal is compressed between the frames as they shut. If there is a weather seal make sure it compresses to around 2mm or the latch may have difficulty locating the catch. You may also need to consider the angle of the frame on particularly old windows as this can make fixing the window catch difficult. Contact us directly if you have questions about the suitability of our window handles and catches for your windows.

Matching Window Stays

When replacing windows in old buildings it is often hard to replicate period ironmongery, or to find matching hardware in keeping with the existing style. We supply matching Tudor and Monkey Tail window stays in both 10 inch and 12 inch lengths, ideal for use with our window catches and latches. We also stock hand cast mortice catches and keep catches for use with existing window fittings.