Marine Corrosion

The recent snow and ice has seen huge quantities of salt being used on the roads, leaving salt residue spatters on our cars, and on doors and gates if you live near a road. For people living near our coasts, this kind of challenge to the integrity of their exterior metal fittings is a daily battle. Marine corrosion spreads far in land when the wind is in the right direction, and salt laden air reacts with moisture to corrode metal door handles, gate latches and bolts. This excellent video from 357magdad gives you an idea of just how easily metal can be corroded by even the smallest amount of salt water.

If you are choosing exterior door and window fittings with a view to resisting salt corrosion because you live near the sea, our black ironmongery is perfect for the job. We use a variety of different coatings and finishes to help protect our products against the weather when they are designed for outdoor use.

Preventing Rust

The black epoxy finish to our exterior door knobs is particularly tough and great for heavy use areas. If the finish is scratched or scuffed it is important to patch it with black paint to prevent air reaching the surface underneath in order to maintain the rust proof coating. Our screws that we supply as standard with all our products are powder coated which helps to protect them against the weather to prevent rust streaks and staining to the surface on which the handle or latch is mounted.

Finally, many of our hand crafted wrought and cast iron products are given a traditional bees wax coating, resulting in a beautiful black matt finish enhancing the natural qualities of the metal. Bees wax is an effective sealant and rust preventer although care needs to be taken to reapply a wax coating from time to time if usage of the item is heavy.