One place your guests are bound to spend at least a little bit of time in your house is your bathroom. Whether your guests use your main bathroom or your downstairs loo, having good quality door locks and latches is as important as the door itself.

Create a Rustic Look for your Bathroom

Use soft, vintage colours and natural materials for a restful, rustic feel to your bathroom. Black iron cupboard handles and drawer pulls compliment the colour and texture of natural wood and offer a solid pulling mechanism with a chunky feel. Reclaimed materials will lend your bathroom age and authenticity and mixing unique junk yard finds with good quality ironmongery will ensure your bathroom remains chic not shabby.

Finishing touches such as black iron hooks for hanging towels, dressing gowns or flannels make a feature out of a function. Our solid cast iron drawer pulls can be fitted to drawers or doors, and T hinges or false hinge fronts make a fantastic statement on a bathroom door or airing cupboard door.

Use a sturdy, well crafted latch on your door for your guest’s privacy -i f you’ve spent time and energy decorating a room it’s a shame to finish it off with a cheap chrome door lock, so take a look at our range of hand made slide bolts, vintage privacy locks and rustic thumb latches for a characterful alternative.