As well as supplying high quality authentic hand made ironmongery, The Rustic Merchant also provides competitively priced nails and screws. Our vintage fixings include a wide range of different types of nail and screw, with different finishes and each serving a slightly different purpose.

Many of our clients are home owners refurbishing or restoring parts of a listed building, or looking to match new door and window hardware with existing traditional handles, hinges and latches. With this in mind we thought it might be worth running through some of the uses of different fixings as a guide to selecting the right fixing for your project.

Antique Black Wood Screws

Wood Screws 8" x 1 1/2" x 10

Our black wood screws all feature a decorative rounded pan head, ideal for use in metal work as the head of the screw will  help to secure the material in place. The slotted rounded head makes the visible portion of the screw more decorative and the black japanned finish is designed to blend in with our black door furniture and hooks. These partially threaded wood screws have a smooth shank to ensure that the two surfaces being bonded are pulled tightly together so your door handles and hinges will hold firm and feel solid. We supply these wood screws in packs of ten in six different lengths. The head diameter is approx 8mm and the lengths vary from 1.25 cm to 5 cm metric, 1/2 inch to 2 inch in imperial measurements.

Furniture Knob Screws

Furniture Knob Screws 32mm x 10

These fine threaded steel furniture machine screws are designed for fixing kitchen handles and drawer knobs. The fine thread allows for detailed adjustment and ensures that the metal handle, knob or drawer pull is secured tightly through the surface of the cabinet front. As these screws are usually used on the inside of cabinets we supply them in a more economical coating than the decorative black screws. They come in a range of sizes from 25mm to 25mm with phillips or cross head drives and we supply them in packs of 10.

Panel Pins

The Rustic Merchant Panel Pins Panel Pins 30mm 50g approx 80are unique with a special finish using a thermal diffusion process, in which zinc powder is vaporised and diffuses to the surface to form a sacrificial corrosion protective zinc/iron coating. This dramatically reduces black and rust spots on fitted woodwork. Our 30mm antique finish sheradised black panel pins are ideal for lightweight and decorative tasks and the shape of the pins helps to reduce splitting in hard or brittle timber. Ideal for fixing decorative timber mouldings, these durable panel pins are sold in bags of 80.

Clasp Nails

Clasp Nails 65mm Black x 20Wedge shaped traditional clasp nails provide an particularly firm fixing due to the unique shape of the shank. Our hand made cast iron 65mm clasp nails come in two different finishes; black or natural iron to match the style of your project. These nails are ideal for fixing floor boards or skirting and will retain the historical character of the building. Cut nails also have a flat rectangular point which allows reduces the likelihood of your wood splitting which often happens with modern pointed round wire nails.

Twist Nails

Twist Nails 30mm 100g approx 40Our sheradised zinc coated twist nails are ideal for attaching metalwork joists, hangers, external cladding and felt. The twisted shank provides superior pull out resistance and assists in absorbing movement between the two surfaces being bonded.

The protective zinc finish dramatically reduces black and rust spots on fitted woodwork and the vintage colouring means they are particularly suited to use with our black thumb latches. These black twist nails are 30mm in length and have a flat round head. We supply these nails in bags of approximately 40 pieces.

If you have a query about the right type of fixing for any of our products please get in touch!