We love hearing feedback from our customers and know that constructive criticism is meant well, so we always endeavour to put right anything that has fallen short of expectations. However nothing beats the feeling of receiving praise and compliments for our products and services, and even better when accompanied by pictures of our products being used in situ.

Perfect fit

This week we had a delightful email from a lady who had been in touch with us to source some latches for her rustic shutters. The shutters had quite a substantial gap between them where they met and so we were able to advise on latch style and sizing to make sure they secured neatly together when closed.

This email made our day!

“I put up all the latches yesterday evening and I’m delighted!

I’m so very pleased I spoke to you for advice because of the gap between the shutters, and you were correct on the size required!

I haven’t done a perfect job fixing them but as you’ll see in the photos the shutters are very rustic being just old planks!

The style of your latches suits them so very well and delivery was speedy too.

Thank you – a very happy customer”

Because we know all our handmade products inside out we are always happy to answer any questions you might have about precise sizing or dimensions before you order. We keep our products in stock on site in Somerset – we aren’t a vast warehouse staffed by robots, so we can always help to find the right product for your project.

Craft project materials

Earlier this year we also had a customer send us some lovely photos of a model train they had been taking the time to restore. Our smooth cast iron kitchen drawer knobs proved just the thing for scaled down buffers and we thought the little train looked fantastic!