The beauty of wrought iron is knowing that each piece is completely unique and individual. Our products are hand made, not machine produced, and we love this video from The Consummate Dabbler on the Essentials of Blacksmithing, demonstrating the tools and techniques used to produce these beautiful works of art.

Using wrought or cast iron fixtures and fittings in your home can impart a wonderful sense of history that can be very cosy and comforting to have around you. If you already own a historical property and need to match or replace existing ironmongery then look at our range of hand crafted hooks, handles and hinges as well as other door and window fittings to find a style that suits your home.

Uniquely Crafted Iron Fittings for Your Home

Even if you own a modern property, natural materials such as black wrought iron will give a traditional and authentic feel to the space, and we often take orders for kitchen refits or new kitchens where a selection of cabinet knobs and drawer handles can be tailored to give even a high street flat pack kitchen a unique and quirky feel. Knowing that your kitchen is unique to you, with hand crafted door handles is part of the joy of working with hand made, individually crafted products. At The Rustic Merchant we specialise in high quality iron products at great prices, and offer free returns if you are unhappy with your order.