Hinges – what are the different types of hinge?

Butt, strap, H, T, barrel, butterfly, flush, gate hinges…. the list is extensive and can make selecting the right hinge for your project a genuine challenge. Understanding a little bit about the anatomy of a hinge and how it works will help you to make the right decision on which hinge to buy.

One of the most important considerations when purchasing hinges is the size and shape of the hinge leaf. The leaf is the part of the hinge either side of the central barrel around which pivots around the hinge pin giving the open and closing action. These leaves can be decorative or plain, hidden in the frame of the doorway or attached to the front of the door for a traditional rustic look. A larger hinge leaf which extends across the face of the door will necessarily be able to support more weight than a smaller leaf. Our 24 inch strap hinges are available in a range of designs and are more than capable of supporting a gate or large heavy door, as their long leaf gives them greater leverage on the weight of the door.

L HingesL Hinge Left (pair)

L Hinges were made popular in the 17th and 18th century and give a fabulous historical touch to any door or cabinet as well as spreading the load over the door or cupboard.

H Hinges H Hinge 5" (pair)

Our black cast iron H hinges are suitable for most door and cabinet projects. Simple handmade rustic styling makes this hinge ideal for understated doors or window shutters.

T HingesPenny End Hinge 12" (pair)

Our decorative wrought iron T hinges are hand made from wrought iron with a traditional black finish. Great for trunk lids and toy boxes as well as doors and window shutters, our black T hinges come with fleur de lys, arrowhead, and penny end features.

Butterfly Hinges

These beautiful butterfly hinges are best used on a small cabinet or item of furniture. Butterfly hinges make a feature out of the decorative leaf design but are only really suited to light duties as their smaller leaf size means they are less heavy duty than the T hinges.

Hinge FrontsHinge Front Fleur De Lys Head 15" (pair)

If you are looking to match existing traditional ironmongery in your home or restoration project but without replacing existing butt hinges, our wide range of dummy hinge fronts come in 12 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch sizes. We stock handmade fleur de lys, arrowhead and penny end designs meaning you can add an authentic historical touch to your home without having to re-hang your doors or replace existing hinges.