Cast Iron Front Door Furniture

We have now released a unique new range of artisan front door fittings and accessories which we are excited to present in our online shop. From our artisan blacksmiths we have sourced complementary new escutcheons, Yale lock keyhole covers and elegant door knockers, all designed to create the right first impression at your front door. No cottage door should be complete without a solid black cast iron knocker or door knob.

This selection of cast iron door knockers has been produced from high quality cast iron, and coated in black epoxy resin designed to provide durability and elegance. The range features a traditional rustic ring style circular knocker, typical of country cottage front doors and ideal for a farmhouse style frontage. We also stock a vintage Victorian Doctor style door knocker, featuring elegant lines and period detail for a classic look. Our Regency style door knocker centres around an elaborate, lace style backplate with a heavy handle, all hand made to the highest Rustic Merchant quality. If a central door knob is the look you are after we also stock a traditional hexagonal heavy duty knob designed to be fitted as a centre piece to your cottage door. We also continue to provide a range of sprung door knobs as pairs, complete with spindles and fittings, as well as a selection of lever handles featuring traditional regency, victorian and gothic designs.

Cast iron escutcheons and key hole covers are small details for any exterior door but will give a rustic period feel to any door and are a great alternative to the more utilitarian stainless steel alternatives.

Along with our existing range of Escutcheons our new additions give a choice of styles when selecting keyhole covers or surrounds. These decorative escutcheon plates are available in oval and rectangular shapes, with plain or decorative edges. The fleur de lys and square Yale lock covers are much larger in size and designed to fit around the Yale lock on the surface of the door, with the pivoting covers then concealing the modern lock plate – traditional rustic charm without compromising on your home’s security.

Don’t forget that we also stock a wide range of hand made T hinges and hinge fronts, ideal for creating the country cottage look on any door. Our hinges and hinge fronts are suitable for exterior use and come in sizes from 4 to 24 inches, and a selection of designs including arrowheads, fleur de lys and penny end. Hinge fronts are particularly suitable where a more modern door is already fitted, but the decorative hinge fronts can be fitted to the front panel of the door to give a traditional rustic look without remounting the door.

If you have any questions about our new range please get in touch!