Furniture Restoration Projects

Lockdown and restricted travel opportunities has seen a huge upsurge in people embarking on DIY and rennovation projects.‘s Renovation Nation Report reported households were spending in the region of £4,000 each on average over the summer.

As well as home improvements, furniture restoration has been proving a popular past time, with people stuck inside making the most of time spent at home learning new skills and upcycling furnishings. Bringing new life to a dated wardrobe, or chest of drawers can be easier than you think, and not only reduces waste but can result in handy new storage for your home.

Upcycling furniture to give it a a new lease of life is more than just saving money – it’s about the thrill of the treasure hunt, finding a tired, unloved dresser, chest of drawers or a wardrobe and transforming it into a personalised centre piece to be proud of. With a bit of sandpaper and some paint and accessories, sideboards, dressing tables or even bathroom cabinets can become talking pieces!

Sand it

If you are giving your wooden furniture a new look, it’s important to always start by sanding and removing residue of any previous paint jobs otherwise your finished surface won’t have the smooth look you are after. Using a 150 grit sand paper will give your primer something to grab on to – you can use an electric sander for larger surface areas buit may find fiddly details are easier to sand by hand.

Prime it

If your furniture has previously been painted or varnished, use a multi surface primer. Primer provides the best surface for your finishing layer to adhere to, as well as protecting against chips and stains.

Paint it

For a vintage look, chalk paints work well, and appying with a sponge roller rather than a brush can give a more even dispersal of paint across the item’s surface. Spray paint also works well, particularly on metal surfaces. For a more rustic, natural look try a wood stain or wax that will compliment the colouring of the natural wood.

Finish it

Even if you simply give a piece of furniture a fresh coat of paint, replacing the fittings such as hinges and handles can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of any set of drawers or doors. At The Rustic Merchant we stock a wide range of vintage black iron furniture hinges and latches, as well as pull handles, drop handles and cup handles.

Our range of pull handles are all made from either cast or wrought iron, with a black beeswax finish for a vintage look. Most of our handles come in a range of sizes from 4 to 10 inches. The wrought iron handles feature decorative fixing plates in either a penny end, fleur de lys or arrow head design. Our cast iron handles come in a range of styles from solid, plain cast iron square D handles to more decorative wrought iron with a twist in the centre. Take a look at our range of cup handles which again come in varying designs suitable for all types of vintage or period furniture, and all with fixing screws supplied.

Decorative hinges are another great way to add interest to a restored piece of furniture. Our rustic black cast iron hinges come in all sizes and shapes and are suitable for cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes, chests and many other applications. We supply hand crafted H hinges, L hinges, butterfly hinges, snake tongue design as well as fleur de lys, arrow head and penny ended T hinges for doors of all sizes. If you have any questions about any of our products don’t hesitate to get in touch!