Escutcheons and Keyhole Covers

Escutcheon Plates
Our black cast iron Escutcheons complement our other rustic wrought iron door furniture by providing a traditional looking keyhole plate for your period cottage door.
Our Range
We have a good range of vintage keyhole covers for you to see. These antique black covers are made in different old styles as part of our rustic product range.
We have sourced a small foundry to make these plates for us. The covers are hand cast by artisan smiths. Once cast, they are hand polished and cleaned. After the cleaning process, each plate is painted with matt black epoxy paint. This paint allows for the plates to be used both internally and externally.

Each plate will arrive with the correct amount of slotted screws for you to use to fit the plate correctly.

We have hundreds of other products on our site that are all handmade.  Whilst you are here, please take a few moments to have a good look around.

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