Cast Iron Handles

Hand Cast Iron Handles. These are part of our vintage, black, antique, old style range of traditional cottage handles

Thank you for looking at this page. You are looking a just a very small part of our cast iron handle range We have hundreds of other items for you to see in this range. Please visit other areas of the site to see these and many other products.These handles are produced in two ways being cast iron and wrought iron.

Wrought iron

Our wrought iron handles are produced in small smithy shops by artisan craftsmen, chosen by us for their skilled workmanship and passion for their work. All our traditional handles are hand forged by them on the anvil. Once finished, they are hand polished and treated with a layer of bee’s-wax.

Cast Iron

Our cast iron products are hand made in small foundries. These vintage style handles are hand cast and polished. They are then treated with a layer of hot black oil. The oil regulates the colour of the handle.

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