Wrought Iron Handles

Wrought iron handles. part of our vintage antique old style cottage handle range.

Black antique finish wrought iron pull handles hand crafted in a range of sizes and designs. These pull handles are ideal for doors and cupboards, as well as drawers. we have a selection of these vintage handles for you to look at. our hand forged handles come in a selection of three main designs bean head. arrow head and fleur de lys. Our antique style twisted knotted handles are our own design. These handles are faithful reproductions of original traditional handles.

All these handles have been hand forged. We have spent many years finding artisan blacksmiths to make these old style handles for us. All the handles are made in small workshops totally by hand. So each piece although similar will not be identical. Once each piece is carefully finished it is treated with a natural coating or bee’s-wax. The bee’s -wax does two jobs. Firstly it promotes a uniform colour to the handle and secondly it helps to preserve the handle from rusting.

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