Cabin Hooks

Cabin Hooks

Wrought iron cabin hooks. Part of our rustic vintage black door hook door latch range.

Our iron vintage cabin hooks are for use on gates and doors. These antique old style hook and eye door lock hooks are hand crafted in wrought iron. They have a black antique finish and come in a range of sizes.

The door hooks are specially made for us by artisan blacksmiths. We have chosen our blacksmiths very carefully. Not only must they be experts in their craft, but they must be able to show as much passion for making the hooks as we have for them.

The hooks are completed and are then treated in a natural bee’s-wax. The bee’s-wax does two things. Firstly it makes the colour of the hook even and, secondly, it protects the surface from too much rusting.

If you have these hooks fitted outside they will, after a period of time, show a thin layer of rust. This is normal and it will not effect the integrity of the hook.

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