Door Knobs

Door Knobs

Our vintage black cast iron door knobs are part of our vintage, rustic, old style, door handle and knob range.

Our traditional, cottage style vintage door knobs are cast in heavy black iron.

These antique style knobs are cast in small foundries by artisan metal workers. Each piece is individually cast and hand finished. As these items are produced in this way, each item will be similar but not identical. This will give your traditional door knobs their own character.

When the handles are complete, they are coated with a tough epoxy black paint. This is very hard-wearing. As the knobs are painted in this way they are suitable for both internal and external use.

When you receive these knobs, you will notice that they are heavy and solid. Because of the weight of these handles, you will find that one side of the knob is spring loaded. This means that the knob will assist the door catch to return to its right position.

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