Gate latches

Gate Latches

Thank you for looking at one of our traditional, period style black iron gate latches. We have a further selection of gate cupboard latches on our site.

This latch is our six inch version and is made of hand forged wrought iron.

All our wrought iron products are made on the anvil by artisan blacksmiths. These blacksmiths are as passionate about the product as we are. Once each piece is complete, it is treated with a coating of natural bee’s wax. The natural bee’s wax helps to protect the wrought iron.

Each product will be delivered with the correct amount of black slotted screws to fit it. We would recommend that you first either drill a pilot hole for each screw, or use a bradawl to start of your screw. This will allow each screw to be fitted vertically so that it will sit flush onto the latch.

Please take this opportunity to take a look at our other rustic vintage style products on our site.

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  • Cupboard or Gate Latch

    Wrought Iron Cupboard / Gate Latch 6″

    £9.95 per metre
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