T Hinges

Our black antique finish T hinges are designed to be a combination of a traditional strap hinge and a standard butt hinge. Suitable for hanging doors, cabinet doors and trunk lids these wrought iron T hinges are hand forged and available in a range of sizes and styles.

Thank you for looking at our T hinges or Tee hinge. These hinges are all made from wrought iron.Each hinge is handmade in the traditional manner on the Anvil. We have carefully selected a team of artisan blacksmiths to make these hinges for us. Once complete each hinge is either coated with a traditional black oil or beeswax.

Fixing screws will be provided for each hinge. These screws will be black slotted.

When fitting these hinges we would advise that you either drill a small pilot hole for each screw or use a bradawl to make a small starting hole. By doing this you will find you are able to align the screws square to the hinges thus making a flat grip on the surface of the hinge

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