Slide Bolts

Our Slide Bolts range is rustic vintage antique old style traditional and black.

Our rustic wrought iron slide bolts come in two main vintage design handle types.they are available either cranked or straight old style designs. The antique black finish makes these rustic bolts the perfect compliment to our range of black door handles.

These bolts are hand made.They are made by artisan blacksmiths working from small foundries. This is not the sort of bolt you would find in a DIY store. These bolts are unique and follow the traditional construction method. Yes as they are hand made they will not look perfectly uniform but will have their own character. Our bolts are hand finished in two ways being oil or wax.

Our oil finished bolts are dipped in hot oil. this is a traditional method of giving the bolt a uniform colour finish. These bolts will need a wipe before use

Our wax finished bolts are coated with a layer of natural bee’s-wax again this will give them a uniform colour.

If you have any questions regarding installation or use of these bolts please feel free to contact us.

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