Rat Tail

Rat Tail, Fish Tail. Thank you for looking a our selection of slide bolts here you will find two designs of our bolts being Fish tail and Rat tail. each bolt comes with a choice of two sizes being 6 inch and four inch. Each bolt also comes in two versions being straight and cranked.

All our bolts are made in the traditional way. By traditional we mean that the bolts are all hand forged on the anvil. Once complete the bolts are either treated with traditional beeswax or given a black oil coating.

The colour of these bolts will be black to golden rust. This colour will ensure that once the bolts are fitted they will look old and authentic.

Each bolt will arrive with the correct number of black slotted fixing screws.

We would recommend that you first either drill a pilot hole for the screws or us a bradawl to make a starting hole. This will ensure that the screws are square to the bolt and will fit flush to the bolt.

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