Candle Sconces

Beautiful hand forged black wrought sconces with hand crafted Gothic details. Our wall mounted candle holders make an ideal gift.

Thank you for visiting this page and looking at our range of candle holders. these sconces are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

All of our sconces are handmade by artisan blacksmiths. Each one is carefully made on the anvil in the traditional way. Once the scone has been completed it is coated with a layer of natural beeswax. The beeswax protects the wrought iron and is an ancient traditional method.

These sconces are designed to look old they will have a colour from black to rust

Each sconce will arrive with the correct amount of slotted black screws.

These candle holders are designed to take a wax candle and have a retaining spike in the drip collar.If you intend to use a battery type candle please let us know and we will remove the spike for you. This will allow for the battery candle to sit flat on the drip collar.

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