Cast Iron Handles

Our hand Cast Iron Handles are made in a traditional manner in a variety of styles. We stock cup style handles as well as pull handles and cast iron drawer knobs.

These handles are vintage, rustic, black, old antique. They can be used on drawers, doors and cupboards.

We have two construction methods for these handles being cast iron and wrought iron.

Our cast iron handles are produced in small foundries in small batches. Each handles is hand cast and hand finished. Once complete each item is dipped in hot oil. The hot oil seals the handle and gives it an even dark colour.

Our hand forged handles are produced by artisan blacksmiths who are highly skilled. All these items are produced on the anvil so will show forging marks. Once complete the handles are treated with a coating of natural beeswax. The beeswax protects the handle and gives it a more uniform colour.

All handles will arrive with the correct amount of fixing screws.

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