Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet Knobs. We stock a wide range of cast iron door knobs for cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Browse our unusual, vintage and modern designs of cabinet knobs.

Thank you for looking at this page. Here you will find our collection of rustic, vintage, black  knobs. they are old antique style. The knobs can be used on drawers, doors and cupboards.

All our knobs are hand cast in small foundries by skilled artisans. Each individual knob is hand cast and hand finished. Once complete each knob is dipped in hot black oil. The hot oil gives the knob surface an even colour over it’s surface and protects the knob from rusting. As each knob is hot oil finished it will need a polish with a soft cloth before using for the first time.

We will supply a fixing screw with each knob. The fixing screw will allow for the knob to be fitted to a piece om material between 18mm and 20 mm. If the thickness of the material is different to this either thicker or thinner please let us know. You can leave a message in the checkout area. We will try to select a different screw length for you

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