Wrought Iron Handles

Wrought Iron Handles. Black antique finish wrought iron pull handles hand crafted in a range of sizes and designs. These pull handles are ideal for doors and cupboards, as well as drawers.

These are vintage, rustic, black, handles. They are in an old antique style. The handles are used on drawers, doors and cupboards.

Thank you for looking at our handle range. This is only a part of the full range of handles we have for sale on this site. Please take a moment to have a look around at the rest of our handmade products available.

All the handles that you can see here are of wrought iron. They are all made in the traditional way on the anvil. We have sourced a team of highly skilled artisan blacksmiths to make these handles for us.  Once complete each item is coated with a natural layer of beeswax. The beeswax protects the handles and also gives them an even colour. The colour on these handles will be from black to golden brown.

A full set of fixing screws will be included with your purchase

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