Cabin Hooks

Cabin Hooks. Wrought iron cabin hooks for gates and doors. These hook and eye door lock hooks are hand crafted in wrought iron with a black antique finish and come in a range of sizes.

Thank you for looking at our cabin hooks or door hooks. these hooks are of a vintage, rustic antique design. They look old and authentic. They are used to hold doors windows and gates.

These hooks are produced in the traditional way by hand on the anvil. They are made by carefully selected artisan blacksmiths for us. These blacksmiths are passionate about their work this shows in the quality of the finished product.

Once complete each hook is treated with a coating of natural bees wax. The beeswax protects the hook and gives it an even colour. The colour of the hook will be from black to golden brown.

A set of black slotted fixing screws will be included with your purchase.

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