Coat Hooks

Our collection of wrought iron and cast iron Coat Hooks have a black antique finish, giving a traditional feel. Our coat pegs and hooks are hand crafted quality products.

Thank You for visiting this page. Here we show you some of our range of rustic, vintage old type coat hooks. these antique hooks can be fitted to racks and doors. Some of them you will find useful for tea towels and cups and mugs.

The hooks are of numerous designs and are made in two different ways being wrought iron and cast iron.

Our cast iron hooks are made in small foundries by artisans. Each hook is hand cast and hand finished. When complete each hook is dipped in hot black oil. This is a very traditional method of treating cast iron. The black oil will seal the hook and also give it an even colour.

The second way our hooks are made is wrought Iron. These wrought iron hooks are produced in the traditional way on the anvil. The artisan blacksmiths that make these are very passionate about their work . This will show in the quality of the finished hooks.

All of our hooks will be supplied with the correct amount of black slotted hooks to fit them.

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