3″ Nail In Black Cup Hook

£3.65 per metre

Sturdy black wrought iron cup hook with delicate curl detailing.

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Beam hook hammer hook

Beam hook.This is a 3 inch hook with a drive in staple pin. This hook is ideal for hanging cups, mugs, or pots and pans in the kitchen. The hook can be used to support a light curtain rail. The handcrafted wrought iron nail in hook is finished with traditional bees-wax. A a fine curl detail at the end of the hook is a nice feature. The hook is Ideal for mounting on a wooden beam or other surface.


To fit this hook you should first drill a pilot hole, particularly if you intend to fit it to shelves and furniture. A 4 mm hole will stop the wood from splitting. If you intend to fix the hook to a solid wall, please drill the wall first. You can use a raw plug and tap the hook in (please don’t use a red raw plug as it will look awful.  A brown one is ideal). The traditional way of fixing these to solid walls, especially if you want to fit it around your fireplace. Would again be to drill a hole and instead of a raw plug just knock in a slither of wood before hammering in the hook.


This hook is probably one of the oldest forms of hook there is. Many examples are found in 11th century buildings. Traditionally they would have been used on high up beams to hang preserved food from.  Before the introduction of the fireplace to dwellings, they would be on beams above the open central fire to smoke meats, fish, etc. Today we use them to hang decorative and every day items including garden tools.




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