Black Cup Hook 2″ Nail in hook

£3.45 per metre

Sturdy black wrought iron cup hook with delicate curl detailing.

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Nail Hook beam hook

Nail hook.  This is a 2 inch hook with a drive-in staple pin, ideal for hanging cups, mugs, or pots and pans in the kitchen, or even supporting a light curtain rail.  The handcrafted wrought iron nail in hook is finished with a traditional beeswax coating and has a fine curl detail at the end of the hook.  Ideal for mounting on a wooden beam or other surface.

The nail section of the hook designed to drive into the mounting surface measures 2 cm in length.  The hook itself is 0.7 cm in diameter and protrudes 4.5 cm from the wall or other surface.  From top to bottom, this simple and elegant hook is 5.5 cm and the inner curve of the hook measures 2.5 cm.


The fitting of this hook is simple; just hammer it in.  However, before you do, it is advisable to drill a pilot hole first; 4 mm if you are fixing to a beam.  If you intend to use this hook on furniture (you will see it used often at the top of dressers), again, please use a pilot hole to avoid splitting the wood.  This is a very old type of hook and it is the type of hook you would see fixed to beams in older properties, being used for hanging jugs, cups, pots and pans.  You might even have noticed them situated on very high up beams,  In this case they would have been used for hanging up preserved meats and herbs.

These hooks are available in two sizes;  2 inch and three-inch. Once the hooks are fitted, they will look old and authentic.

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Additional information

Length 5.5cm
Width 0.7cm
Depth 4.5cm

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