Long Threaded Screw Hook 3″ Cup Hanger

£3.65 per metre

Sturdy black wrought iron cup hook with delicate curl detailing.



Tea towel hook

Tea towel hook.  you are looking at our 3 inch long threaded tea towel hook. We call it a tea towel hook but you can of course use it for any purpose. this hook is hand forged on the anvil in the traditional way. Once finished the hook is coated with a natural layer of bees-wax. The bee’s wax darkens the wrought iron and protects it from the elements.


As this hook is a surface mount product installation is straight forward. If you are planning to put the hook on a beam, then a pilot hole of 3 mm should be drilled. if you are using the hook on a wall please watch out for pipes and electrical cables. these hooks are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. If you are using them outside they will over a period of time develop a coating of surface rust. This will not in any way affect the integrity of the hook. The hook will look natural and old. You may choose to paint the hook. To paint firstly give the hook a good rub down with some wire wool. This will remove any surface grime. A good coat of top quality anti rust paint applied with a small brush will do the trick.

Interesting fact

The word tea towel first came about in the 18th century. The tea towel was a cloth made of soft lint free linen. The lady of the house would use this cloth to dry her precious tea service.She would not dream to leave this job to her clumsy servants.

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Additional information

Length 5.5cm
Width 0.8cm
Depth 6cm

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