Traditional Wrought Iron Slide Bolt Cranked with Rat Tail End 6″

£11.95 per metre

Cottage style slide bolt with rat tail detailing

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Traditional cottage door bolt. This is our rustic plain slide bolt with elaborate rat tail handle detailing and pre drilled base plate. This vintage authentic wrought iron privacy lock is 4 inches in length and cranked. The black cranked bolt shaft means that it is more forgiving when bolting doors and door frames that don’t quite line up. An effective little antique bolt for adding a vintage feel to cupboards, toilet doors etc

The base plate measures 15cm by 5cm. The cottage door bolt itself is 19cm long and the decorative rat tail is a maximum of 3.5cm deep. The cranked end of the cottage door bolt is 2cm deep and 3cm long.

Our wrought iron traditional door bolts are all individually hand forged, and so they are similar but not identical. Each piece is hand finished and given a bees wax coating. All our hand forged products are carefully aged. Once installed these products will look old and authentic.

our wrought iron door bolts are made by artisan blacksmiths. These blacksmiths are highly trained in their craft and this will show in the quality of the bolts. Each bolt is hand forged on the anvil so each bolt will be similar but not identical giving each bolt its own charm. The bolts will show signs of forging. Once complete the bolts are hand cleaned and polished before being dipped in natural beeswax. the natural beeswax has two functions, firstly it protects the wrought iron from excessive rusting and secondly it helps to regulate the colour throughout the item.

When you take delivery of your bolt you will have all the parts you need to install it. There will be the correct amount of screws provided. These screws will be slotted black screws with a domed head.

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Additional information

Length 19cm
Width 5cm
Depth 3.5cm


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